Step Out of the Dark and Into APS Dock Lighting

If you prefer following the rules and making sure inspectors give your loading docks a passing grade, properly illuminating your loading docks is an excellent place to start.

As a precaution, adequate dock lighting is imperative. Fortunately, APS Resource offers a lighting product line that can be described as formidable, efficient, durable and dependable. Let’s dive into some of the products that make APS Resource a leader in dock lighting.

Enduring the rough environment
Durability is often high on the list of product qualifications for loading dock operations due to its rugged nature. And if there is one word to describe the High Impact LED Dock Light™; durable would be most accurate. Its resiliency and space-saving design makes it sufficient for some of the most demanding environments.

Not only is the High Impact LED Dock Light durable, but it also possesses a number of other impactful lighting specifications. They include 60,000 hours of lamp life, a 15° beam spread, 18 watts of power output and an IP66 rating enabling it for wash down application or damp environments. With its impressive résumé, this lighting solution is a day one difference maker.

Finding the perfect angle
Sometimes the limited space available near a dock door makes it difficult to position a dock light. What if there was a light that can be maneuvered into the angle you need? Enter the G-Flex LED Dock Light™.

The G-Flex comes with a heavy duty, flexible 27” stainless steel arm that allows for angle and position to be changed at the workers’ discretion. The flexible arm makes positioning easy and is attached to a steel elbow and swivel base to enhance positioning capability and reduce arm damage.

There are two variations of the G-Flex as well. The LED version carries a lamp life of 50,000 hours, brightness of 803 lumens and a 14 watt power output.

The other option is the standard G-Flex Dock Light™. This comes with the same specifications but without the LED light. For this option, APS Resource offers multiple lamp options for the standard G-Flex. Speaking of lamp options…

A bright idea
If the plan is to bypass LED options, utilizing LED lights isn’t something to give up on. For lights needing the separate purchase of a lamp, give the Energy Star certified E-Saver™ LED Lamp options a go.

The E-Savers come in both PAR30 and PAR38 options. The PAR30 has a brightness of 1150 lumens and a 14 watt power output while the PAR38 boasts 1300 lumens and 17 watts of power. Both carry a 25° degree beam spread, damp location rating, 25,000 hour life expectancy and a five year warranty. The E-Savers also uses 85% less energy than its halogen alternatives.

Implementing the right light to your loading dock can decrease the number of accidents workers and equipment often experience. So, if you’re still in the dark, step into the light and contact APS Resource for enhanced dock lighting. And if you’re interested in staying up to date on current industry news, follow us on LinkedIn.