APS Cold Storage

Solutions for Monitoring Temperatures in Cold Facilities

When protecting and monitoring the thermal envelope is critical — such as in a cooler or freezer facility  — sealing the loading dock door and dock leveler is imperative. Maintaining environmental control requires implementing gap control measures to prevent energy loss around or through the loading dock. This gap control can be achieved through a variety of energy-saving loading dock equipment options:

Solutions for Cold Storage

APS ENERGY GUARD® for Cold Storage


The ENERGY GUARD® Retrofit Kit provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler to block dirt, debris and insects and to prevent energy loss.

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Dock Stuffer

Dock Stufr®

The Dock Stufr easily and inexpensively eliminates loading dock gaps. Simply toss the Dock Stufr into place during the loading process. Its flexible and compact size fills in gaps yet does not interfere with loading.

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Warehouse Weather Seal


The WeatherWall is a unique style of brush weatherseal. The WeatherWall has a sheet of EPDM rubber surrounded by a layer of brush on each side.


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APS Door Weatherseal for Cold Storage

Door Weatherseal

The Door Weatherseal can be used on all sides of the loading dock door for maximum energy efficiency.

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Dock Weatherseal

The Dock Weatherseal fits snugly in the gap between the pit walls and the dock leveler to give you maximum protection against the elements.

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Door Sprag

Door Sprag™

The Door Sprag is easy to install on most industrial doors to fill the gaps between the dock leveler and the pit wall.

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