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Loading Dock Products for Superior Temperature Control

Temperature-controlled facilities (such as cold storage facilities) pose unique challenges as they are specially designed with multi-temperature rooms to accommodate a range of different temperature and humidity needs for all varieties of products. Protecting the integrity of the thermal envelope at the loading dock requires specialized dock and door products. These products are critical to maintaining your temperature-controlled environment:

Solutions for ENERGY SAVINGS

APS ENERGY GUARD® for Energy Savings


The ENERGY GUARD® Retrofit Kit provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler to block dirt, debris and insects and to prevent energy loss.

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APS Turbo-ES™ Fan for Energy Savings

Turbo-ES™ Fan

The compact Turbo-ES™ Energy Saving Fan from APS Resource creates a focused column of air that forces hot, cold or musty air from the trailer, replacing it with fresh air.

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APS APS & GO LED™ Safety Light System for Energy Savings

APS & GO LED™ Safety Light System

These high visibility red/green flashing lights provide simple, effective communication between dock workers and truck drivers. The lighting system reduces the potential for serious accidents from truck drivers pulling away before loading/unloading is finished.

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