APS Distribution Operations

Distribution Operations

Maintain Your Loading Dock Equipment

Safety is a busy distribution facility’s No. 1 priority. Your distribution operation can’t afford to have accidents or equipment not working properly. Regardless of your market segment or facility size, maintaining your dock equipment can help you maximize operational efficiency through greater trailer turnaround, improved scheduling, improved communications, and improved sequencing and utilization. APS Resource dock equipment repair parts can also enhance security and minimize downtime due to service issues or accidents. Here are the products best suited to solve your facility’s problems:

Solutions for Distribution Operations

APS 2000 Vehicle Restraint

APS 2000®

The APS 2000 is a superior rotating hook, impact-style vehicle restraint developed specifically to reduce the occurrence of accidents at the dock.

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APS Flex-Back™ Panel

Flex-Back™ Panel

The Flex-Back Panel is the answer to common lower door panel damage — one of the most frequent and costly maintenance problems today in warehouses.

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APS High-Impact LED™ Dock Light

High Impact LED™ Dock Light

The High Impact LED Dock Light is designed for your most demanding applications at the loading dock.

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The ENERGY GUARD Retrofit Kit provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler to block dirt, debris and insects, as well as prevent energy loss.

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APS Turbo-ES™ Fan

Turbo-ES™ Fan

The compact Turbo-ES™ Energy Saving Fan from APS Resource creates a focused column of air that forces hot, cold or musty air from the trailer, replacing it with fresh air.

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