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General Warehouse

Cost-Effective Dock Solutions for Smaller Operations

Just because you have a smaller operation doesn’t mean you don’t face similar security, safety and operational issues as larger operations. The dock solutions that work best for your facility will vary depending on your specific operation. APS Resource has a variety of affordable safety and productivity products for all budgets and sizes of operations. And if you’re working in a leased space, you may have special equipment needs. Explore these dock solutions for lower-volume warehousing facilities:

Solutions for General Warehouse



The compact Turbo-ES™ Energy Saving Fan from APS Resource creates a focused column of air that forces hot, cold or musty air from the trailer, replacing it with fresh air.

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Sentry Rail

Sentry Rail offers premium protection for your facility, equipment and personnel. The heavy-duty design of this loading dock barrier is easy to set up and install.


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APS APS & GO LED™ Safety Light System

APS & GO LED™ Safety Light System

These high visibility red/green flashing lights provide simple, effective communication between dock workers and truck drivers. The lighting system reduces the potential for serious accidents from truck drivers pulling away before loading/unloading is finished.

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