Impact-A-Track LED

Impact-A-Track LED protects dock door tracks from damage while communicating vital restraint status


Whether or not you consciously think about it when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, once you approach one of the three basic traffic signal colors, they immediately trigger a specific response.

If the signal’s green, you’ll obviously keep driving. If the signal changes to yellow, it’s best to slow down and use caution as your brain warns you that change is underway. And if the signal turns red, you had better brake and stop to avoid violating the law (or worse yet, causing an accident).

While APS Resource’s new Impact-A-Track LED’s colors don’t serve the same purpose as traffic signals out on the road, this innovative product will prompt a similar type of conditioning for forklift drivers and pallet jack operators alike.

The result will not only help preserve proper dock door operation by decreasing the risk of potential door track damage, you’ll experience an added level of safety for personnel working around dock door openings, especially when doors are elevated.

Highly visible restraint status

A Plant Engineering 2020 Product of the Year Bronze Award Winner in the Safety category, Impact-A-Track LED is designed to help protect door tracks in high traffic areas of warehouses against forklifts, pallet jacks, and other equipment.

More importantly from a safety perspective, Impact-A-Track LED will help communicate restraint status and deflect door track impacts while utilizing only a small footprint of your active work area.

Packaged in a set of two, Impact-A-Track LED features three-phase communication with your facility’s vehicle restraints:

  • Red LED: restraint not engaged
  • Green LED: restraint engaged
  • Amber LED: restraint is in override

Each Impact-A-Track LED is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and comes in 36” lengths with kits available for 2” and 3” tracks.  The LEDs themselves are uniquely protected which means your restraint status will stay highly visible to personnel.

Photo-eye compatible

Impact-A-Track LED’s wrap-around design also ensures easy door operation. In addition, this innovative solution anchors to the wall which means you don’t need to drill into your floor to mount the product. Compatible with photo eyes, it also offers a low profile design, and it’s impact, rust, and moisture resistant.

The award-winning product is also an important upgrade that will keep your dock doors operating smoothly and worry-free month after month. To learn more about how Impact-A-Track LED can also improve the safety of your dock operation, either call us at 262-518-1000, email us at or send us a message at