APS Resource Introduces Its New APS&GO 2.0™ Loading Dock Communication System

APS Resource Introduces Its New APS&GO 2.0™ Loading Dock Communication System

Provides clear status to drivers and loading dock workers using highly visible, universal red “X” and green “O” LED light symbols

APS Resource announces the introduction of its newest innovation, the APS&GO 2.0™ loading dock communication system.

An enhanced version of the company’s original APS&GO product, APS&GO 2.0 communicates even clearer loading dock status using a combination of highly visible flashing or solid red and green LED lights. The ultra-bright individual light modules also feature embedded universal red X or green O symbols to assist drivers or dock workers who may be vision impaired.

The combination of colors and shapes work together to universally communicate the presence of a trailer at the loading dock both simply and effectively. This helps to reduce the potential for serious accidents resulting from truck drivers pulling away before loading/unloading is complete. APS&GO 2.0’s compact design also ensures that the light modules will easily fit between loading dock seals and shelters with narrow gaps.

An ideal upgrade to existing red/green loading dock communication lights, APS&GO 2.0 is low-profile, both UL and cUL certified, available in both hardwired or plug-in options, and additional light modules can be interconnected to provide even more visual communication.

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