Cold Weather Season is Coming Soon and That Means Costly Energy Loss . . . Here is How to Prevent It

Due to the very nature of their design, warehouses are notorious for their ability to lose energy, especially during the annual cold winter season.

And that repeated energy loss year after year can add up to high energy bills that can take a significant bite out of your facility’s annual profits.

For example, an APS Resource energy audit and thermo analysis on a 20-dock warehouse ended up saving the company nearly $68,000 in one year alone.

It’s never too late to assess where your energy loss problems are occurring. The first step is to conduct a thorough energy calculation and thermo analysis of all of the openings and gaps in your dock operation where you suspect that energy loss is occurring.

Properly preparing your facility’s loading dock is a critical component of any winterization initiative. As a result, your facility will stay consistently warmer while you save money in the process.

Curb your energy loss challenges

APS Resource offers several solutions to help curb your energy loss challenges which include:

Weatherseal (for both docks and doors)

Dock levelers that are not properly sealed may drastically affect your facility’s energy saving initiatives. APS Resource’s Dock Weatherseal fits snugly into the gaps between the pit walls and dock leveler providing you maximum protection against cold air infiltration. Depending on your requirements, kits are available with brush seal, PVC seal and various rear hinge seals (available in spiral brush seal, foam cord or foam block styles).

In addition, our Door Weatherseal can be used on all sides of loading dock doors to help keep out cold air. It has a dense polypropylene bristle weather seal that’s tightly woven and crimped to ensure bristle density.


APS Resource’s WeatherWall™ is a unique style of brush weatherseal that features a sheet of EPDM rubber sandwiched between two layers of brush on each side. WeatherWall not only provides the benefits of a brush-style seal but also includes the air stopping feature of a durable, synthetic EPDM airtight rubber seal membrane.


ENERGY GUARD® provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of dock levelers and helps prevent energy loss. The innovative design helps close off the gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls which are typically missed by traditional weather seal or under-leveler seals attached to the front of the dock leveler. ENERGY GUARD helps prevent the mass flow of air, thereby minimizing the transfer of heat and energy into and out of a facility.

As you can clearly see, with a loading dock that’s fully prepared for winter season cold, you’ll be able to get through the season confident that your profits aren’t escaping through the gaps in your loading dock levelers and doors.

To schedule a complimentary and comprehensive energy calculation/thermo analysis on your dock operations, we can be reached via phone 262.518.1000, email or click here for help with answers to your questions.

We look forward to helping you determine the best and most thoughtful approaches to alleviating your facility’s energy loss problems.