Product Success Story: FLEX-BACK™ Panel, i2-tech

Chuck Russo, Maintenance Coordinator for i2-tech (West Des Moines, Iowa) a custom plastics molder and designer has been in the industry for over 27 years giving him an exceptional amount of experience.

Currently, Russo’s responsible for approximately 200 employees, 250,000 square feet and 35 dock doors across three high traffic facilities that utilize 10 to 15 forklifts.

Repair bills mounting

What seemed like every other week, Russo was regularly scheduling repair visits in order to fix yet another panel costing his company roughly $1,000 per month.

It wasn’t until Clint Boffeli of MHC Systems (Urbandale, Iowa) was contacted for yet another door repair that Russo was introduced to the APS Resource’s FLEX-BACK™ Panel.

“The short-term cost of FLEX-BACK Panel installations far outweigh the costs of continuously paying for door repairs,” says Boffeli. “The FLEX-BACK Panel was just what i2-tech needed.”

Perfect high-traffic area solution

“It’s been great being able to add both bottom and intermediate panels as those were the ones experiencing the most damage,” Russo explains.

Since December 2017, Russo has added eight total panels to six of his doors and plans to eventually install them on all of his doors.

“If someone I know is experiencing similar problems as mine, I’m definitely recommending this product – especially if they’re in a high-traffic area,” states Russo. “Our panels have been saving us a noticeable amount of money.”

In the industry of which Russo has been a part of for 27 years, he’s found that damaged doors are frequent culprits of unscheduled downtime. But with a precautionary solution like the FLEX-BACK Panel, that downtime can be avoided.