APS Resource is the leading loading dock repair and replacement parts supplier for facilities across the U.S. We’re dedicated to helping preserve significant financial investments in loading dock equipment — and more recently high-performance and high-speed doors as well — all while reducing facility downtime because of broken equipment.

Extensive experience in the loading dock & door industry means we can provide the parts you need when you need them. Our on-time shipments are among the highest in the industry. And we’re experts in the selection of parts for the leading brands of loading dock equipment and doors.

While there are numerous reasons to choose APS Resource for your replacement parts, let’s take a close look at our “top 10” list (in no particular order). We’ll also examine why choosing high-quality dock equipment and door parts from APS Resource is such a smart decision for your facility as well as what distinguishes APS Resource from other parts suppliers.

  1. Reliability that’s trusted across the industry.

When 4Front Engineered Solutions manufactures its Kelley and Serco dock levelers, their myriad parts are based on very precise design measurements and engineering specifications. This ensures that all of the moving parts on dock levelers work together reliably and safely.

While there are most likely several motives behind your choice of dock equipment, chances are,  that dependability and performance are just a couple of the crucial factors involved. That’s because downtime and risking losing any degree of dependability are not worth entrusting your replacement parts to unreliable sources. Choosing a reliable parts supplier that’s trusted across the industry is important to any decisions you make to ensure that your dock equipment keeps performing at an optimum level.

  1. Strong belief in a sound approach to protecting your dock equipment investment.

Whether you operate and rely on one loading dock or hundreds, every dock position and the equipment involved is an investment worth protecting. APS Resource is 100% committed to that philosophy and approach. We thoroughly believe that using only the best replacement parts will ensure that your dock equipment investment will continue to perform repeatedly and without fail for many years.

  1. Committed to providing high-quality replacement parts.

Since APS Resource, as well as the Kelley and Serco brands, are all part of the same parent company, 4Front Engineered Solutions, that means we have ready access to high-quality parts that can meet the needs of dock equipment that has been in operation for decades, even as far back as the 1970s.

Keep in mind too that substandard replacement parts are rife with pitfalls, including the fact that they’re typically manufactured based on a “one size fits all” approach to a wider variety of dock applications. As a result, the parts won’t always be best suited to fit your equipment’s exact measurements and specifications.

Quality varies greatly, and the famous maxim “you get what you pay for” still holds true as ever. Why risk using inferior parts made from low-quality materials? Instead, always rely on high-quality parts from APS Resource that you can trust now and well into the future.

  1. Provider of long-term benefits for you and your customers.

Whether it’s love, loyalty, or simply avoiding the cost of a new car altogether, many owners are holding onto their treasured automobiles often 15 years or more. While improved long-term reliability is also driving such lasting car/owner relationships, the longer you hold onto your car, the higher the chance that any number of parts will eventually need to be replaced.

Regardless of which replacement parts you need — ranging from alternators to windshields — opting for high-quality parts instead of taking a chance with substandard parts will result in more peace of mind and longer-term benefits.

The same applies to dock equipment and door parts. Over time, premature wear and tear on substandard parts will become more probable. This increases the frequency that parts need to be replaced which results in more equipment downtime and added cost for equipment maintenance. That will, at some point, have a direct impact on your level of customer satisfaction as well as your company’s financial performance.

  1. Unsurpassed technical support with the latest powerful resources.

Our in-house APS Resource technical support team is comprised of highly skilled and knowledgeable parts and product experts for some of the best-known dock equipment brands, including Kelley and Serco, high-speed and high-performance door brands Albany and TKO Loading Dock Doors. They’re available to take a variety of questions from distributor service techs in the field to quickly address any issues.

With powerful resources at their disposal, our technical support team not only handles online call support, but they now use a remote support tool called XMReality Remote Guidance.

This new technology allows a service tech in the field to point their smartphone and camera at an issue or problem related to a specific equipment part. With XMReality Remote Guidance, the APS Resource technical support representative can:

  • comment on what the field tech is looking at and the problem they’re working on
  • make on-screen sketches using a special drawing pad with mounted camera
  • convey recommendations using visual indicators
  • via augmented reality, overlay their hands onto the image that the field tech is sharing to guide them through the troubleshooting process.
  1. Customer service team excels at completing complex orders.

The APS Resource customer service team is easily accessible via phone and online while working hard to help customers identify the correct parts and products that are needed for specific applications.

Also adept at handling complex parts and accessories orders, APS Resource’s customer service team bridges the gap between what customers need and what they ultimately end up receiving.

  1. Industry-leading same-day shipment fulfillment rate so you don’t have to wait.

No one likes to wait for extended periods for out-of-stock loading dock equipment replacement parts. That’s why, based on our monthly tracking, APS Resource takes pride in our ongoing industry-leading 95 percent same-day shipment fulfillment rate for all parts and accessories.

  1. 24/7 online access to products and accessories.

APS Resource offers our customers 24/7 access to parts and accessories via our iCustomer online portal. The iCustomer online catalog features nearly every product that APS Resource has available. APS Resource customers can search iCustomer by either product number or name as well as see corresponding images for the products.

Regardless of time during any weekday, weeknight, or throughout weekends, parts orders can be entered for immediate placement in a queue for shipment with minimal delays. iCustomer is the fastest way to order parts and accessories from APS Resource.

  1. Intensive, knowledge-driven sales and technical training programs.

APS Resource annually hosts live, in-person training sessions for both distribution sales teams and technical personnel. With four sessions dedicated to sales and four sessions to technical training, hundreds of attendees each year experience two full days of immersive, hands-on activities to help them gain a thorough understanding of a wide variety of APS Resource parts and accessories.

During our technical training sessions, the APS Resource technical support team focuses in part on working with attendees on troubleshooting scenarios. For sales teams, APS Resource provides extensive information about both the company’s established and newer products, as well as products that are waiting in the wings for their introduction to the industry.

  1. A distribution network that’s second to none in the industry.

Our nationwide network of owner-operator, independent, factory-trained distributor partners with dedicated and exclusive distribution territories is ready to make sure your docks and other equipment are properly maintained. Because they know the industry inside and out, APS Resource distributors are highly committed to helping their customers save money in operations costs over the long run.

A strong and highly capable distribution network, supported by senior personnel with as much as 20 years or more of experience, is just one of the hallmarks that distinguishes APS Resource from other loading dock parts and accessory providers.

You can find a distributor near you using the distributor directory on our website.

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