Preventive Maintenance Now; Avoid Headaches Later

We are getting closer to swapping fall colors for winter temperatures. That means it’s time to shift gears toward facility preparation for the colder days ahead of us.

No one wants to be caught in an emergency having to replace parts in below freezing temperatures or other inclement winter weather. That’s why now is an excellent time to bring in the experts for some planned preventive maintenance.

Your loading dock is an all-important area of operations that you want to protect year-round. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are 110,000 major forklift accidents occurring each year costing workers more than 100 lives. There is no better time than now to call an authorized technician to complete a thorough inspection of your facility.

A routine preventive maintenance of your facility’s dock equipment comes with a long list of benefits including; sustained or increased productivity, reduced dock downtime, improved safety, energy savings, fewer worker injuries and reduced costs for potential repairs. Catching a problem early can prevent your employees from suffering an injury or your equipment having to be replaced completely. Having a program in place is both smart and easy.

As a result, you’ll safeguard your equipment from unscheduled downtime and ensure your facility is functioning at a level of high performance going into the new year. And while keeping your employees safe is always your first priority, so too is the equipment they depend on to perform their jobs well.

During a preventive maintenance visit, distributor-authorized technicians will visit your facility to inspect, clean, lubricate and adjust your dock levelers to keep them in optimal working condition. These technicians will also inspect your vehicle restraints, seals/shelters and doors as well. If there are any equipment problems or concerns, the technicians will inform you of any required service or replacements parts with recommendations that are easy on your wallet.

Once your visit is complete — and if you should require any part replacements or equipment upgrades — you’re well taken care of. With APS Resource, you have access to a complete lineup of aftermarket parts and accessories that are guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than the original parts. While carrying universal solutions for virtually all dock leveler brands, APS Resource is fully prepared to keep your facility operating at peak performance.

For more than two decades, we’ve assured our customers that it’s never too early to prepare for the unexpected. If you are in need of a planned maintenance visit or have any other questions regarding your facility, please contact us at 262-518-1000 or visit our website at Also, if you’re a LinkedIn user, visit our page for recent news and updates from APS Resource and the material handling industry. Plan for the worst by calling the best with APS Resource.